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ROKC is a contemporary twist on restaurants that were found in traditional Japanese port towns during the Meiji Period, when Japan first became open to the rest of the world after nearly two centuries of seclusion. Not unlike these ports, ROKC is where East meets West, where the past fuses with the present.

At ROKC, we specialize in ramen - noodles of Chinese origin, and cocktails - first brought to Japanese ports by western countries. We’ve since honed and perfected both in an effort to bring a taste of the past into the future.

ROKC Restaurant


Monday 5 - 10
Tuesday 5 - 10
Wednesday 5 - 10
Thursday 5 - 10
Friday 5 - 10:30
Saturday 5 - 10:30
Sunday 5 - 10

Closed: New Years Day, July 4th,
Thanksgiving and Christmas Day


3452 Broadway, New York, NY 10031